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The Living Room Campaign

Join us in a journey  to make a .Muskegon County

Muskegon, Muskegon Heights; MI

My heart is grieved with the reality of what has happened to our beloved, Muskegon Heights. It wasn't always a community known for poverty, oppression and violent crimes. 

 I believe that God still loves and cares about Muskegon Heights! My husband and I have started an out reach ministry called the West Michigan Dream Center. It is a ministry that reaches out to the community and shows the love of God in very practical, yet unique ways and restores hope as well as dreams. Several weeks ago, while in prayer, I saw living rooms. Yes, living rooms. The Lord showed me that He wanted a team of people with His heart to go to the homes of the families of the victims of violent crimes and minister his love and restoration. He wants them to know they have not been forgotten, thus began what we affectionately call:

  The Living Room Campaign.

To my surprise the week we entered the 1st families' home it was

National Victim's of Violent Crimes Week

The first living room we visited was in the home of the H----- family. Their precious loved one fell victim to one of the first gang related shootings in Muskegon Heights

. He was a basketball player, young and full of promise.  With compassion and dignity, we were able to shower love and healing from the heart of Jesus.  What is important to note is that God used members from the community who come from different races and backgrounds. Love knows no color. A local florist also donated a beautiful geranium plant for the Hector family in honor of their slain loved one.

Our organization wants to let the grieving families as well as the rest of Muskegon know, that "the needy shall not always be forgotten: the expectation of the poor (afflicted) shall not perish for ever. Psalm 9:18 

Ironically, upon our arrival to our first home, the family had placed a sign on the front yard which expressed the cry that their fallen loved one not be forgotten.

 I write you today to ask for your help in making a difference in the life of our families; targeting mainly our future-our youth..  Please give where we live, work and play.  We can and will  create change one heart at a time. in our communities of the West Michigan .  Our dollars go directly back into the community. Our desire is that we may serve them with a heart of humility, extending love and peace.  If this outreach tugs at your heart or you know of a family that could need a visit of compassion please fill form on from page or call 231-736-3200.


This is a copy of a letter sent to local papers .



West Michigan Dream Center

​"Where the needy will not always be forgotten.  Psalms 9:18.