West Michigan Dream Center

​"Where the needy will not always be forgotten.  Psalms 9:18.

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Senior Pastor

ReGina Faulkner Miles


Dear Neighbor:

This is a personal invite and introduction of a new ministry in your area:  

The Lamb of God Sanctuary. 

This church is called to the unchurched, irreligious; the individual who does not have a church and not sure why they do not attend faithfully.   It’s all about being in the right place that fits you. 

(Remember the days when the church was the place to find out what was going on in our neighborhood it was an informational center and the doors where always open),. More about that Later

We here at TLOGS describes as a bible-charismatic church excited about the power of God’s Love towards us and believe He is God our creator who created us to worship Him.

This ministry is dedicated to creating an atmosphere of simple, pure praise from your lips. We have heard many a testimony of people feeling so comforted and at peace in the sanctuary.  Come and share your love toward your creator and worship him as he deserves.  And he will receive our worship and show us his power and glory in return. He gave us His Son to prove his Love….John 3:16… (OH Yeah… you say,)

But HE is a God of Power today too.  Oh Taste and See will you? That our Lord is good!

Ministry Moment: Who do you think awakes you each morning? God does. 

Let us empty of ourselves of all the stress and concerns and bring them to Him who cares about the things that weigh us down.  Life stresses. Did you know that there’s a greater return on giving and investing in church, than what can be done independently of us with our own wisdom. Malachi 3:10  Test Me in this that I may not open the windows of Heaven and pour you out a blessing that you will not have room enough to receive it.

The Holy Spirit will teach you how to let go and let God.  Give of ourselves, time, tithe and testimony by offering a commitment to him…not man; First!

Learn more, feast more, and engage on purpose. You won’t be disappointed I promise you…the only problem we have experienced since opening our doors for Bible Education (Wednesday 7:00) is people love to linger and not go home. 

Service times available on website on homepage of website.  If you have an urgent prayer need please fill out contact information and sent it.

Come as you are…we only require you be clothed.  We Love you and look forward to serving you soon.

Sunday morning 11:30am   Monday prayer 6:00pm

Prayer for Dream center 10:30am Saturday

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