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​"Where the needy will not always be forgotten.  Psalms 9:18.

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Calvin Miles is a lover of music.   As a piano player sense the age of eight Calvin has honed his craft via many church venues.

​As a young man in high school Calvin placed in the top ten of his class.  He decided to go west after school and served two terms in the Navy. 

​Calvin co-founded a computer company called Ansonia Station business service center. Their company was set up as an incubator involving several businesses. Their focus was in manufacturing and distribution, during in the early stages of desktop computer technology. Ansonia Station served the city of San Diego southeast economic development center, Government contracts, and the private sector.  This venture was twenty years. During this time Calvin was enrolled at Concord Career Institute involving EKG and laboratory studies, gaining employment at Harborview Medical Center.  

​Calvin later moved back to Muskegon to help with aging parents imperative.  After settling back in to his roots, Calvin gained employment as a water filtration plant operator; to date his is senior operator. 

​Calvin is married to ReGina since November, 2014. God has used this union as a pivotal point towards ministry.  After they were married Calvin felt it was his job to make sure his wife was successful in her calling as a minister; not anticipating when a husband and wife becomes one flesh….he too takes on the Calling.  

​Calvin is founder of a church plant; The Lamb of God Sanctuary, in Muskegon MI.
ReGina Miles is recently married to her high school friend Calvin, a mother of four and six grandchildren.  
She is visionary and founder of a grass roots ministry formally called Women of the Cloth. The inspiration (at that time), was stirred from the unmet needs of wives of clergy and female minsters. This ministry produced fruitful weekend retreats, monthly excursions, gift giving, and a women’s sabbatical conference named "Revision: Women of Clergy."

​Regina also produced and directed a 15 minute radio segment called the Kiddie Korner Klub. 

​This journey has afforded her international travels involving ministry to places such as Athens Greece, Yugoslavia, Italy, Mexico and most recently Kigali, Africa, better known as Rwanda.

​ReGina mentored under Liberty Temple Full Gospel under the direction of Cliffton and Denise Turner.
She was licensed in 1986 under Evangelical Christian Center, in Illinois.
​Certified instructor for you through CEF ministries, and most recently ordained under apostolic positioning.

​This will enable the same tangible anointing from our church to be taken to other areas to works centered around worship in rural areas as the Holy Spirit directs thru confirmation.

We have just celebrated our first year anniversary; on Resurrection/Easter Sunday.