West Michigan Dream Center

​"Where the needy will not always be forgotten.  Psalms 9:18.

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Church Beliefs


In Dedication of my Lord: This Church is a place where the Body of Christ (God's people) will congregate and worship our savior Jesus Christ, both corporately and individually with active participation.

We realize that God

Desires praise and worship... He is our Creator and deserves such; to show our Love towards him.

To Exercise the Freedom to worship with all your heart and soul and body and hear from Heaven without prejudice in a corporate manner.

The Manifestations of God can and will be orderly fashioned by the Holy Spirit while exercising liberty.

To Foster a personal relationship with Jesus and identify with personal assurance and conviction that Heaven is your eternal Home.

To Break Bread with one another in Remembrance of what Jesus has done on Calvary's Cross.

We prayerfully desire to manifest the Fruits of the Spirit toward one another. To be our brothers keeper. As we care and take on the heart of one another we become a giver of the heart.

To Build up the Body of Christ to prayer and intercession.

To Create and foster a place to root and grow in the Body of Christ for Discipleship.

To Demonstrate discipleship: to encourage and extend an olive branch to another by showing God's Love in demonstration of Jesus; compassionately with the intent to Lead others to Christ.

To Foster a personal, surrendered life, relationship with Jesus our Lord and Savior.

To Give our tithes and offerings unto the Lord prayerfully and regularly.

To Purposely strive to read the Word of God the Bible for daily renewal.

To Assembly together weekly to build up, restore, and replenish each believer and invoke change where we live, work, play and grow.

We are a 100% tithing, giving and receiving church. (Giving of ourselves to and for one another under the Grace of God; with the understanding that sometimes you are the recipient and not the giver).

That We are the Hands and Feet of Jesus as we aim to be like Christ and Glorify him in our Living.

The Holy Spirit is the Comforter sent by Jesus and is still operating today in our lives. Jesus stated on the cross it is finished and is now seated on the right hand of the Father.

In the name of Jesus is the final authority in which every entity must bow.

We believe that Jesus is Lord of All and His desire is that none would perish.
That he is the only way of Salvation and to Heaven.

Hell was not created for us but enlarged daily due to lack of knowledge of the Gospel.

As the Leader of this church I am a servant to God's people. I pray to demonstrate the manifestations of His Agape love toward each and everyone. Through instruction, encouragement and building up of God's Kingdom; to edify and sometimes correct. Teaching the Bible (the Word of God) as a Lifestyle (fruit of the tree of Life) and not Judgement (the tree of knowledge of good and evil).

Let us al love with the Love of Christ executing wisdom and grace to everyone.

Senior Pastor
ReGina F. Miles

I sense my Lord's heart....a desire of pure worship. A place where a people will demonstrate freely their Love, and affections' on Earth as it is in Heaven.