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​"Where the needy will not always be forgotten.  Psalms 9:18.

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This would be a ten day journey to which my life would be changed forever.

This was not my first mission trip...but my first one to Africa.  the pictures shown in this slide show depict a youth rally that was scheduled were hundreds of children worshiping our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ...not because they were asked to but because of the power of God

During my stay we worked endless 12-14 hour days that included visiting an orphanage ( the children in yellow jerseys), and updating medical records.  During one of the Sunday church services I conducted two children services where 75% of the children excepted the Lord.  To God be the Glory.

No daisy-dukes or plugging necklines these little girls behaved and presented them selves as proud little ladies.

On our travels I was able to attend a safari as well as have lunch on the  famous "Hotel Rwanda".

as well as participate on a Safari...now that was a hoot!

The singing ,dancing and worshiping was magical."

One of my favorites is the little boys admiring my robe, which shows" All the children of the World"

Church History

​​​​The Lamb of God Sanctuary..

Not Church as Usual

Founder            Calvin Miles

Senior Pastor:  ReGina F. Miles

Where you will find rest for your soul.  Matthew 11:29  KJ version



The name Berean comes from the New Testament book of Acts, Chapter 17 verse eleven. There we read that the Bereans (residents of the city of Berea)

 On April 4, 1921  First Berean Reformed  Church. The congregation's first meeting place..they were lovingly referred to as the church of Worshipers.

On February 18, 2015; " The Lamb of God Sanctuary" was officially a part of this history of Muskegon, MI  where the scent of worship continues in the air... a place of peace.  

​The Lamb of God Sanctuary services as the Host Church of "The West Michigan Dream Center"